Validate your contact information and save time from interacting with incorrect or invalid details.

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Email Validation

Email validation with MX-Records & SMTP verification, automatically identify disposable emails and prevent syntax/typo mistakes with suggested alternatatives.

Phone Validation

Global phone number validation & lookup providing line type, carrier and location. Ensure good leads by validating phone numbers going into your system.

Address Validation*

Address lookup validation to validate and complete address entries from suggested matched address results ranked by similarity score.

EU VAT Number Validation

European Union VAT identification number validation & lookup providing company name and registered address.

Privacy Guarantee

To protect your users contact information, we DO NOT store the personal data you enter into our system on our own servers unless otherwise specified. We only store the validation response with any of the personal information you entered omitted from the results.

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Fast, Reliable and Secure

Hosted on reliable cloud servers for a fast and secure platform, this allows FastValidate to be scalable and provide optimal up-time & availability. In addition FastValidate is secured with HTTPS encryption for secure communication over the internet.

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Simple API to connect to any service

Javascript Library

Add validation to your website

Zapier Integration

Integrate with thousands of services


Easy to understand REST API using a simple URL structure with results delivered in JSON format, step-by-step documentation & secured with HTTPS encryption.

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Javascript Library

Include our easy to use scripts into your existing webpages to easily add validation to any web based form. Validate your forms to ensure valid contact information straight from the source.

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Zapier Integration

Easy automation without the need for code. Zapier allows you to validate and integrate with thousands of connected services with simple yet powerful Zaps.

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Desktop Extension

Install the FastValidate Chrome Extension to quickly validate contact information at any time without having to leave the webpage you are currently on.

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Salesforce Package

Install our Managed Salesforce Package to validate contact information within your CRM. Validate contact information easily with our custom actions, visualforce pages and lightning components.

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Supported Features

Validation Services


Phone Numbers


EU VAT Numbers
Setup Required Out of the box Out of the box Google API Key Out of the box
Online Dashboard
Javascript Library
Zapier Integration -
Chrome Extension
Salesforce Package - -
Additional Available API Data Formatting, MX & SMTP Validation
Disposable Email Check
"Did you mean" Suggestions
% Validity Score
Original Registered Carrier, Location & Timezone
Line Type
Validity Suggestions
% Validity Score
Suggest Multiple Address Matches
% Validity Score
Registered Company Name
Registered Address
European Commission VIES VAT number Validation

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Low Cost Service

Why pay separately for multiple companies validation services? Validate email, phone and address* information with one subscription plan. You choose what to validate and you can even combine contact information in a single request.

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*Address validation requires provision of a Google API Key to facilitate these requests, additional fees may be imposed by Google depending on volume.